November 20 - November 24

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    Upcoming Activities

    • Thursday, December 7: PARENT-EDUCATOR MEETING NIGHT
      • Parents will receive Developmental Report of their child
      • Parents will have the opportunity to discuss details about their child's development with their educator
      • Please return the stub below on the letter if you will be attending
    • Friday, December 15: SANTA CLAUS VISIT 
      • Santa Claus will be visiting Happy Kidz Daycare with special surprises for the children! The children will have the opportunity to sign special songs for Santa Claus that they have practiced. 
    • Thursday, December 21: CHRISTMAS THEATER SHOW
      • The children are going to watch and take part in "Le grand tour de Bobine la Lutine" theater show!


    • Please remember to check the online agenda daily to be aware of your children's needs, upcoming activities, and the general on-goings of daycare life. Notes will no longer be placed on the child's locker. Thank you 🙂

    "A child with a healthy dose of self-esteem has the best defense against life's challenges."

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